Sasha Laundy

Spinning Metal Platters in the Cloud!!

My talk at !!con on May 17 2015.


These days, data scientists use very powerful frameworks and tools to crunch huge amounts of data. They use frameworks that operate at a very high level of abstraction, and often spin up virtual machines that can be across the country or across the world. But even though these computers are “in the cloud” and this is all super abstract, you actually have to understand how the physical spinning metal hard drive works in order to write fast queries! This talk will go through a few examples of how working with the hardware in your system can make your code run literally 100,000 times faster than before!


My slides tend to be sparse and visual. I recommend watching the video.


I’ll post the video once it’s available


Thanks to Max Shron for teaching me lots of stuff, and for telling me the crazy OpenBLAS story.