Sasha Laundy

I'm Switching to Vim

I should really have switched to vim ten years ago when I first started using the command line. But vim has a hell of a hill to get over, and I never made it high enough to keep going. I’m revisiting it because I love keyboard shortcuts! Once they’re in your brain, you hardly have to think to move the whole program around at a blazing speed. Then you get to feel like a wizard.

Starting August 1, I deleted my symlink to subl and went cold turkey. It’s slowed me down pretty significantly, but that’s been a great incentive to set aside time every day to learn new vim stuff, and investing in the tools you use all day every day is always a great investment. I still feel pretty clumsy, but I now find myself editing non-code things in vim! Which is a good sign!

Resources I’m Using

  • I’ve been working my way through Practical Vim, which is great at getting you thinking in the vim way. I suspect this will make me effective much faster than just googling for things as they come up.

  • When I want to look something up on the fly, Google usually points me to the Vim tips wiki, which is encyclopedic for one-off solutions and quick fixes, even if they’re not well contextualized.

  • I’ve been pestering my colleagues, developer friends, and other Hacker School folks for their favorite config and tips and tricks, which has been very fruitful.

ALSO, I bought the domain, and am considering setting up a daily tips feed there. Send me a tweet if that’s something you’d be interested in!