Sasha Laundy

Git + Autocomplete = Bliss

Did you know that you can turn on autocomplete for git? A quick survey of other Hacker Schoolers turned up that most Linux distros come with this built in, but most Mac users didn’t have it installed.

  1. Streamline your tools
  2. Save time
  3. Profit!

It’s super easy. Put git’s autocomplete script in your home directory. Then add it to your .bashrc by running source ~/.git-completion.bash.

There’s more detail here, along with aliases, which are a MUST. I added git unstage FILENAME which I find much more intuitive than git reset HEAD -- FILENAME. Hooray!

Part of my morning routine here at Hacker School is learning a few new things about Python, bash, and git, since in the long run, knowing these tools like the back of my hand saves tons of time.

Let me know on Twitter/Humbug if you want to hear more about this routine.