Sasha Laundy

Demo Code Review

A big part of life at Hacker School is code reviews. Sometimes facilitators review code but for the most part, it’s our super talented peers.

Getting reviewed is really valuable to accelerate learning. It points unclear parts of your code, and blind spots you didn’t know you had. In some of my projects I’ve implemented things in a brute-force way, and my reviewers have pointed me to data structures or libraries I hadn’t yet discovered that allowed me to cut out lots of code.

A picture of our code review session.

Today Allison (a facilitator) offered a demo code review, so we could see how she thinks about a code review. We went over a Lisp implemented in Python written by Nick.

The crowd watching was pretty diverse, so everyone took something different away. Some learned about Python, some about the Git workflow, and some about Lisps.